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Just Moved into Fairlands School Area

Please go to the drop down that says ADMISSIONS this would be for new students that have just moved in. Please do not go by Walk-Thru this is only for continuing registered students. You are NEW and need to register, enroll. Please take all papers and forms to the Fairlands Office between 7:45 and 3:30. Thank you
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Halloween Costume Reminders

To ensure school appropriate practices and policies are followed please adhere to the following guidelines:

If choosing to wear a costume students will dress at home and wear their costume to school.

If your child’s costume does not allow them to sit comfortably or participate in school activities please have your child wear their costume over their regular school clothes as they will need to remove the costume in order to participate in the remainder of the day’s activities.

Face make-up, artificial blood, or other potentially messy items are not allowed at school. Save these items to wear at home on Halloween night.

All toy weapons or weapon type props are not allowed, including fake swords, knives, or chains! Items brought to school will be stored and held in the office until the end of the school day for parent pick-up.

Costumes and/or masks that depict results of violent acts are not allowed.
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