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Class Supplies

As you know PTA has started our school supply drive for the 2017-2018 school year. It is our hope that all students returning to Fairlands next year will donate $50 per child for classroom supplies. Teaching methods vary throughout the school and grade levels so it is important teachers have specific supplies to accommodate their teaching method. By collecting funds now, teachers are able to have their classrooms ready on the first day of school, which makes a smooth transition for both families and teachers.  Many parents have asked why PTA is asking for $50 for next year’s supplies. For the past three or more years Fairlands PTA has asked for $40 per student, with rising costs of school supplies the PTA Executive Board, Mrs. Galletti, and teachers felt it necessary to raise the dollar amount to ensure all teachers have the necessary supplies throughout the year. Glues sticks, tape, paper, markers, etc. run out rather quickly in a school year. Our goal is to ease the mind of teachers in regard to supplies so they can focus their attention on teaching our children.
Sharon Beckley, President, Fairlands PTA




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