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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Grades 1-5 Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

All parents and guardians will be asked to stay on the perimeter of campus and will not be permitted past the gates. We highly encourage walking/biking to school as traffic will be heavy and parking is extremely limited. Parking is available on the residential streets and the first row of the staff parking lot in spaces labels “visitor” only. Please do not park in spaces labeled “staff”. The drop off/pick up loop in front of the MPR will be open. Please identify the gate or location on campus where your child will be dropped off and picked up, communicate the plan with your child, and be consistent on these practices. Assigned gates are shown below.

Map of classroom locations

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures Video

General Guidelines for Safe Drop-Off/Pick-Up

  • Learn the procedure: Fairlands has its own specific procedure for drop off and pick up that has been designed to move cars and kids in and out most efficiently; but these procedures only work if all motorists and pedestrians follow them closely. Everyone dropping off or picking up kids from school has the responsibility to know the procedures. Visit our school website for the written procedure, safety video and map for Safe Drop Off and Pick Up, then help to politely spread the word by reminding fellow motorists and pedestrians. Always observe all official signs and instructions by school staff during drop off or pick up.
  • Use only designated drop off locations: Fairlands has a designated location to drop off and pick up kids; drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians should use only the marked locations.
  • Do not park across the street from the drop location: Having kids crossing the streets mid-block is dangerous, especially with all the other cars coming in to drop off kids. School is a learning environment and we all must remember that we are modeling to our student the proper and safest way to cross the street. It is unfair to nearby neighbors who may already be experiencing high levels of traffic and is causing damage to the beauty and landscaping in the center median our neighborhood enjoys.
  • Do not park nor wait in the Bus Loading Zone: Pleasanton utilizes the Wheels Bus system to transport students. This zone (in front of the electronic marquee) is marked in red and is for city buses only. Blocking or impeding traffic in this bus zone puts elementary, middle and high school students at risk and slows down the flow of all the other cars attempting to turn right into our parking lot as well as any buses coming in.
  • Do not double park on W. Las Positas Blvd: The white zone is for loading/unloading only. Drivers should remain with their vehicle at all times. If the TK/KN loading zone is full, proceed to the additional white zone further down W. Las Positas Blvd, park in a designated Visitor spot in our main parking lot, or circle back around as space becomes available. Double parking blocks the designated bike lane, impedes traffic, and creates an extremely dangerous situation having students leave the sidewalk unsupervised and walking in between parked and/or idling vehicles legally waiting in the loading zone.
  • Do not park in parking spaces marked/coned for “Bus Parking Only”: These designated parking spots are created for our DayCare partners who often have students to pick up at several Pleasanton school sites. Please give them the courtesy of keeping these spots open for licensed DayCare vans only.
  • Allow extra timeEveryone is very busy, but that’s no excuse to put our kids’ safety at risk — leave a few minutes early to allow ample time for drop off and pick up. Just a few minutes can make a great difference, and help to make the traffic circulation around schools more efficient for everyone.
  • Be courteous and respectful of neighbors: You can reduce the traffic and parking impact on residents living near a school drop off location by following all procedures, and by being sure to never park in front of driveways.
  • Get involved: Become a school volunteer and help to distribute drop off/pick up information, promote appropriate procedures among motorists, or monitor the traffic flow during drop off and pick up. Ask our Principal how best to get involved.
  • Join a carpool: Work with your neighbors and other parents to share driving duties. When you take several kids to school, you're taking that many more cars off of the streets! Less cars at the school makes dropping off and picking up easier, and it makes for a greener environment, too.
  • Have the kids walk to and from school: If feasible, this is a great way to help kids get fresh air and exercise, and stay healthy — and it will significantly reduce the number of cars around the school and neighborhood. The little ones should be accompanied on their walk. Biking to school is also a great alternative.