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Dress Code

Fairlands Elementary follows our District guidelines for appropriate dress & grooming to contribute to a productive learning environment.  The School Board expects students to wear clothing that is suitable for the school activities in which they participate.  Students shall not wear clothing that presents a health & safety hazard or is likely to cause a substantial disruption to the educational program.  Please refer to the PUSD Student and Parent Handbook for further information.  The following attire is NOT permitted:

- Short shorts, swim trunks, men's boxer shorts and biker shorts

- Bare midriffs

- "See through" or transparent clothing

- Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, half shirts, mesh tops

- Tee shirts with suggestive wording or obscene gestures on them

- Cut off or baggy pants with ragged hems or rips, sagging of pants and/or underwear showing

- Gang related attire

- Footwear is required at all times and must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor activity.